Monday, April 20, 2009

Comfort Zone

After a quarter of a year's worth of waiting, I am happy to announce that I am now part of the nation's work force. It's a nice feeling. :)

On the other hand, "Hello, Makati work" also means "Goodbye, Lipa home". Having spent a year out of school, I felt my life has been so unstructured during the past twelve months that it will be difficult for me to establish a new routine. I was excited to start working but I have to admit that the nervousness that came along with venturing into something new almost got the best of me. Almost. My stress level was on high last week because I was thinking of all the things I need to be taking care of that I ended up overwhelming myself.

There were a lot of things I had to learn especially the "how to commute from where I live to where I work" part. I am staying at an area in Metro Manila that is basically new to me so the commute is a major issue. Moreover, the condominium unit my dad, my older brother and I are living in isn't fully furnished yet, which makes cooking food or putting away things, washing dishes/clothes more challenging so to speak. My work alone is a whole new thing in itself that I have to get used to and comfortable with.

Thankfully, my first week at work and stay here in the condo went very well. Honestly, there are still a lot of adjustments going on but the transition is quite smooth and I am very glad. A little disruption in my comfort zone isn't so bad. I know everyone gets a 'shaking' in their life every now and then. It's the only way we move forward. 

Right now, I am blessed that one by one, things are slowly falling into place for me. God is really good. I know He's molding me into the person He wants me to be. In college, a close friend of mine once told me: "We go where we are needed most." So far, I can't see myself being anywhere else.


  1. Good luck Lian! Tama ka, lahat tayo dadaan talaga dyan. Sa susunod ikaw na ang magtuturo sa iba ng cheverloo chenes sa Makati. I'm just a text away pag nawawala ka na. Haha. =P

  2. Thanks, Neng! Oo nga eh. We all have our seasons. When can we meet ba? Gusto kong manood ng movie! ;)


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