I like expressing myself in different ways. As this blog is my canvas in a virtual world that we have created, I wish to share with you some of the poetry that I have written over the years and those that I have recently composed.

Inspired by Kalidasa's "Salutation to Dawn", I wrote this poem seven years ago after discussing the aforementioned literary piece during a high school Literature class, which I very much enjoyed.

Salutation To Dusk

Strips of violet, pink, and red
Outline the entire sky
While silhouettes of flying birds
Mark against such incredible background

Gray clouds are visible from afar in the horizon
Signaling that another page in time
Has ended – finished, passed, and turned
That’s how life is

The sun is now hiding behind the hill
Leaving only traces of golden memories
Its longest rays reaching out
And whispers of the sun’s sweet, solemn goodbye

Faint is the color, the hues up on high
Now beginning to disappear
And be engulfed by the night
And that, indeed, is how life is...

Written early in the morning of October 28, 2008 Tuesday in Nokomis, Florida, the poem below originally has no title but now I believe that it deserves to be called:

Morning Glory

The cardinal’s song vanquishes sweetly
The solitude of silence
As cool winds stir it up in early morn

The sun awakes from deep slumber
Stretches its arms, a golden touch
To the arms of a grand oak in praise

The sky removes its blanket, velvet black
To embrace the glow of cotton clouds
As stars winked their final adieu

The tears of night now lay at rest
The face of the earth, a witness to its fall
Humbly, gently wiped it with green hands

To see the Light that is forevermore...

This poem was written after a trip to Brevard, North Carolina while I contemplated on a picture I took of a fallen leaf floating on moving water. At that moment, it was as if the answer to life's most difficult question was lying just a few inches from where I stood.


Clear as water
Time glows, flows, follows,
Marvels and accepts
The path laid out by Thee

Strong as rocks
Man presses on
Struggling, moving, going along
The course planned out for he

Gentle as leaves
The Spirit lay rest
To embrace in warmth
The sorrow of a heart to be

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