Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peace be with you

It never fails to amaze me how my prayers are answered, how life moves along a course I never thought would be possible, and how God simply holds my life in His hands. Early morning birds have been chirping outside my window since yesterday. It was such a lovely surprise! And to think that I assumed it is a wonderful sound I wouldn't hear again until I go home in the province.

Work this week has been really fruitful in many ways. I'm discovering certain things about myself far more than I ever imagined to figure out in only five days. Sadly, these past days may have been calm for me but I feel deep down that I haven't really found time to escape from all the 'noise'.. and I mean all the noise both without and within me. I often have my quiet time but lately, I know I haven't had the opportunity to truly let my being be engulfed in silence or better said - embraced by peace in connecting with God.

The Undying Saga Lives On
© 2009 Julie Ann Caringal

Jousting here and there, a battle is well kept
And the knight still holds on to his sword
The news spreads all over the earth
While the unseen impact grows with time

Over vast lands and over wide seas
A battle begins and a battle ends
In every victory a new flag is raised
In every defeat an old flag is brought down

Mystery upon mystery is unfolded by understanding
Each revelation witnessed by the glorious silver moon
Even the bright sun dries away the morning dew
Uncovering a whole field of marvelous discoveries

Eventually, wave upon wave crashes up on shore
And washes away the set of footprints on the sand
But still the beach remains a beach
And an ocean remains and ocean

Render this amazing cycle of fall and of flight
As the undying saga of life and journey lives on
In the hands of the valiant warrior and knight
With his paper as his shield and his pen as his sword

This weekend as I go to Nasugbu, Batangas for our company outing, I hope to find a few moments to be in true solitude with God - to talk to Him heart to heart and listen in silence.

Be with me in serenity, O Lord.


  1. Sana nag-enjoy ka sa outing. =) See you on May. Coffee na to! Btw, pwede tayo sa McKinley Hill na lang para malapit na lang sa condo nyo. =)

  2. Thanks! Super na-enjoy ko talaga yung company get-together. Sobrang pagod na ako pero sobrang masaya!

    Sige, we can meet sa McKinley. Dapat isang weekend turuan mo akong mag-byahe around the Metro. Expert ka na eh! LOL.

    See you soon!


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