Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unite for Hunger and Hope

Today, peoples of the world Unite for Hunger and Hope.

I was chatting with LJ last April 21st and the topic on poverty and hunger came up. He and I attended the same college and are both part of EARTH-UST, an environmental advocacy group. We had quite the discussion about how many people have the wrong attitude/mentality regarding this issue like:

If we don't finish our food, it's not a guarantee that the hungry will be fed by it.

Why don't you give your extra food to those on the streets instead of giving them money, which they can misuse on addictive gambling, criminal syndicates and illegal drugs?

If we give our leftovers to street children and they get an upset stomach or get sick because of it, we might get blamed for what happened.

Well, have you seen the video below? LJ shared to me this video (which his mom shared with him) that I now wish to share with you.


'This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.'

I live in a developing country and watching this video still moves my heart. Almost every day, I encounter a similar reality. If you think being surrounded by hunger and poverty situations is desensitizing, you're wrong. Each time is an opportunity to make a contribution in making lives better.

Each time, I ask myself this: "What would Jesus do?"


  1. This post is so right!

    Thanks for sharing.. It's really impt that everyday we live accdng to how Jesus would live it.

    Your Daily Word

  2. I visited the market today and found four pounds of Turkey that had just 'expired'May 1. I asked the manager if he would sell me all of it a discount (take home and freeze it). But he said he can't sell it to me, they have to just Throw It Away... :/ {Puzzled} Surely there could be a provision or law.

    Meanwhile, in the U.S. Congress, they are discussing important business, such as forcing the "Bowl Championship Series" to have a playoff system!!! When did the US government have that authority? We need change in 2010.

  3. To finis ... Surely there could be a provision or law, that would allow them to donate it to the poor over a time window.

  4. They do that at the supermarket, too!? Just throw food away? That is so sad. :( The same goes for a lot of fastfood chains or cafes. A friend of mine stayed at a Starbucks until they were closing and saw an employee throwing away cakes from the display window - even the whole, untouched ones.

    Whatever happened to corporate social responsibility? Something definitely should be done. Awareness is only the first step. Thanks for sharing, Dave.


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