Sunday, March 28, 2010

Solemn Investiture

Today, I was reminded of the swiftness of time... how in this world, everything happens all at once at one particular moment. At this very minute, somewhere in the globe someone rejoices while another one mourns, someone is born while another dies, someone laughs while another cries, someone struggles while another relaxes, someone fights for his life while another lives as comfortable as ever, and so on.

This Palm Sunday, I chose to experience both as I witnessed a wonderful beginning and remembered a sad ending.

Four hundred and ninety students of the University of Santo Tomas College of Science Batch 2010 graduated at the Philippine International Convention Center this morning. I attended the commencement with several companions (some of whom are also alumni of the college like me and some of whom are still students who have a few years left to earn their degrees) to show support for our graduating friends. I am extremely proud of each one of them and I eagerly look forward to their promising futures. 

Nevertheless, sitting on one of the soft chairs up on the balcony, I thought it was as if everything was surreal at one point. It felt like watching an old film for the first time. I've been up there myself on the stage two years ago. Basically, the plot has not changed but it is also different because the role I played before now belongs to someone else. Although there was strong nostalgia, I was simply at ease with myself for I knew confidently that I have moved on. I had my curtain call. A new batch of young men and women deserve the spotlight now. The circle of life goes on; the wheels of time continue to turn.

Somewhere down the road, I came to an unfamiliar place. It served like a fork in the road where you buy your time to stop and ponder where you are and how far you've come. My friends and I ate lunch there at Yellow Cab Pizza before heading for Manila Memorial Park at Sta. Rita, Bulacan where a common friend, Stephen, is laid to rest.

Like the flowers [despite being cut away from their roots], our friend who passed away to be with the Lord continue to bring beauty and fragrance in our lives by the memories he have left immortalized in our hearts. However, like the sunset in all its splendor and wonder, a great friend was gone too soon. Nevertheless, in spite of the darkness that comes when the sun has set, we can be assured of a glorious light to fill the world when morning comes once more.

Life has always been bittersweet. We can't have it any other way.

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