Thursday, March 4, 2010

Midnight Sun

It took me awhile to get on a jeepney tonight and with nothing much to do but look at my surroundings, I was mesmerized by the moon shining in all its glory that moment. I suddenly had the urge to take out my camera and take a quick snapshot of the scene as I saw out of the corner of my eye the vehicle that would take me home.

As I was unloading all the burden of the day by some quick late night web surfing, this photo reminded me of a poem I wrote back in college when all my nerves were on the edge because the heavy weight of school was about to come crashing down on me.

Midnight Sun
© 2010 Julie Ann Caringal

Shuffles of paper reached my ear
As if they have been magnified to the near thousand
The slightest sound shattered the silence
That engulfed my mere existence

I heaved my twentieth sigh
Since that morning of unpleasant beginnings
My eyes focused on nothingness
As my vision flickered away from reality

Regaining the slightest sanity I have
I blinked once, twice, thrice
And everything that was came rushing back
All too clear that I have many more miles to go

My hands moved as if they had minds of their own
No matter how gone my conscious mind seemed to be
Sleep was taking over my humane self
But something seemed to always push it away

Suddenly a loud creaking noise registered full force
Quickly snapping me to my awareness and defense
Beads of sweat formed in every pore
As I stood still as I ever could

Was the Hangman outside waiting for me?
Or has my imagination gone wilder than before?
My heart finally returned to a normal pace
As I realized my need to immediately retire

Moving all responsibilities aside in a clutter
I moved my eyes to glance at the window
Shadows were overcast by the faint glow of a bulb
Leaves that looked alive waved eerily by

The midnight sun was taking its toll
Radiating in all its mighty power
Its aura hypnotizing me like never before
Warning me that time is running out, however

Silence swallowed me - lulling me to slumber
Washing me with what was like fairy dust
Life sure isn't about books or notes or paper
And so I relaxed incautiously for the first time in hours

Slowly... slowly... the dark curtain covered my eyes
- and bade me a whisper of a simple goodnight.

We all deserve a break.


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