Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heat buster

I admit I could have taken a better picture of this scrumptious snack/dessert but my growling stomach couldn't care less at the moment.

I've been craving for a decent halo-halo for some time now and by 1:30 PM today, on my way home, I knew I could not let this day pass without ordering one at the nearest restaurant. It has been a busy week taking care of requirements and an extremely hot and tiring morning after enrolling for graduate school at Quezon City. The energy-draining high noon commute was the last straw for me.

As I was walking from the entrance of our condo village well past my lunchtime, my state of being sweaty, tired and hungry sank all at once into my conscious mind. When I reached the Burntmilk clubhouse, I plopped down on a chair located in front of the TV and this huge electric fan that had a built-in water/mist sprayer that helped calm my nerves and cool down my . I grabbed a menu from the counter and scanned it: no halo-halo written anywhere. I sighed. A waitress came up to me and smiled. I commented out loud, "Ang sarap ng halo-halo ngayon, no? Ang init kasi." (A halo-halo would be good for today, yes? Because it's so hot.) Then, after a quick pause, I turned to her asked hopefully, "May halo-halo ba kayo?" (Do you have halo-halo?) The lady nodded her head and said, "Meron po." (We have it.)

I sat up straighter. Am I hearing this right? "Meron kayo?" (You have it?), I repeated. I wanted to be sure what I was hearing wasn't hallucination from the unbelievable heat. "Opo, available po siya, wala lang sa menu," (Yes, it's available, just not written on the menu.) she replied. I wasted no time in saying, "I'll order one please! And one Pasta Amatriciana. Thank you!"

Suddenly, it was as if everything was alright with the world. I have finally found an oasis in a barren desert. My belated lunch was worth the wait :)

Later today at 8:30 in the evening, I will join the rest of the Philippines and the rest of the world in turning off the lights for Earth Hour. This year, however, I will be spending Earth Hour in silence and solitude. Because the accumulated distress of the week is taking its toll on me already, I will be going to sleep early tonight.

The principle and goal behind Earth Hour need not be celebrated only once a year. We can practice Earth Hour in our lives every day. Getting the eight-hour sleep we need does not only benefit us, it also means lesser lights turned on at night to help save Mother Earth. :)

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