Sunday, April 17, 2011

Room Swap

My sister has been staying with me in my [our?] room for more than a week now since she began attending a ten-day culinary program less than half an hour away from where we live in the big city.

It is such a big change for me to have her in the house because I am not used to having my siblings around me all the time since I went to college in 2004 and since I started working in 2009. Most days, I have the condominium unit all to myself and my room is actually just big enough for one person even though it has a bunk bed.

I do not have before and after pictures but when I say we were cramped in my room, I'm talking when you enter the door the bed is two steps away going straight and the cabinet for clothes is only three steps away to the right and that is pretty much it.

So after much deliberation between my older brother, younger sister and me - we decided to switch rooms because it will be for the benefit of everybody concerned.

Farewell deep purple walls, goodbye wall flowers... adieu. Although I loved my old room to bits, it's time to move on and embrace change.

Out with the old, in with the new, I say.

Small but cozy.
A seemingly organized mess of books, footwear, unfinished to-dos and what-have-yous.
The new room, upon entrance.
I was just itching to get the move done the moment we finalized our decision about it, however, it was already past our bedtimes (making it too late to start) and there was work the following day. It was also impossible to have everybody in the unit and make them wait until the whole switcheroo was over. That would be too chaotic especially when I prefer to have something done alone.

So, even though the OC in me was kicking and screaming "Right now!", I had to quiet it down until April 15 Friday evening when I had the small window of time to be by myself in the unit. When I came home and realized that nobody was there but me, I began the gruesome task of moving everything around while cleaning both rooms at the same time from 9:00 PM to about 2:30 AM.

I know, I'm crazy that way sometimes.

I even had to wake up at 6:00 AM afterwards because I still have half a day at work and other activities for that Saturday. Thank God I still had strength to accomplish much in a full day.

It may have been literally exhausting doing all that much after a long day's work (not to mention the accumulation of stress after a week's worth of work!), the peace of mind was priceless.

The room is still a work in progress but I am proud to say: Happiness, at last. :)

My Poladroid application went bonkers for reasons I cannot identify until now that is why my signature Polaroid photos are becoming very limited. I now use an application called Pola to substitute Poladroid but it results to a .png file extension, which makes conversions and editing very tedious. I'm thinking of getting a better camera to post higher quality pictures... and maybe a real Poladroid or Fuji Instax camera, too. :)

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