Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What happened

Today, I learned more about the common bruise.

A particularly big one covering almost half of my lower left leg from a fall during my recent trip caused me enough concern to drop by the nearest hospital from where I work to get it checked by a doctor.

After a few interviews, an x-ray, and a couple of hours waiting for results, I discovered that another term for bruise is contusion... and that the one I have on the anterior muscles near my shin is particularly deep. Although that may be the case, the doctor calmly assured me that x-ray results didn't show anything severe and that she'd only be recommending me painkillers if I needed any. She advised me to rest and elevate my leg as much as possible and put warm compress on it every now and then. Praise God!

The accident happened midday Sunday; the check-up came after a couple of days. Thank heavens nothing terrible happened in that span of time. My bodily functions concerning my lower extremity is still intact.

On that fateful day, I was thankfully able to apply ice on it as soon as I could. Although it didn't discolor much into purple, it got really swollen. The first thing I did was ask my friend (who happened to have a Nursing background) was if the bone was hit. She said it didn't seem so. From all the excitement of our helmet diving in the middle of the sea and my own adrenaline rush, the seriousness of the condition didn't seem to register to me at the time. A loud alarm turned on in my head only when I heard one of my co-teacher's panicked words when she saw my leg: "You're like a car, friend. There's a dent on your leg."

A lot of other things could have happened but I don't want to bring myself to think about them anymore. God definitely had my back. I know it's Him who was watching over me. He's always looking out for me.

More than ever, I know now that I have to take better care of myself.


  1. Yikes! Glad it's not too severe.

  2. Thanks! Part of the leg's still sore and a bit swollen. Hopefully, it'll fully recover in a few weeks more.


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