Monday, June 14, 2010

Boracay Sunshine 2010

My first trip to the Visayan islands with my co-teachers turned out to be one of the best and most memorable three days and two nights that I've had with them... and there will definitely be more trips to look forward to!

In spite of the 300+ photographs I took during this trip, the priceless moments I'll always remember were experiences not caught in camera. Nevertheless, my trigger-happy index finger captured just enough heartbeats and twinklings for posterity's sake - memorabilia to remind me of 'golden days' when time comes that my mind will start playing tricks on me.

"What happens in Bora, stays in Bora" might be the way to go, but "those who happen to meet in Bora, can stay in friendship beyond Bora" sounds better to me. :)

And can I just say: "What a beautiful country is the Philippines!"

(Hover over the photos for captions and click to enlarge.)

To my co-teachers and newfound friends, I can't thank you enough for one of the greatest long weekends of my life. Until our next adventure. :)

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