Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

...and I just had to get started with the food! :)

Froyo mix: strawberry, lychee (YUM!), raspberry, and mango with strawberry, blueberry, and crushed graham toppings. Cloud nine!

Today, we are celebrating my dad's [insert two digit number here] birthday as well as Father's Day!

It has been quite a while since the family has been complete and I couldn't be happier. With us was one of my cousins, Belle. We went to Manila Ocean Park for the first time and had a relaxing afternoon watching and marveling at the different species of fish there.

Dinner at Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw (Grill) and Food House along Macapagal Highway followed a few hours later. We ordered the usual: baked tahong, liempo, sinigang sa miso (my favorite!), buttered shrimp and pansit. Although we were caught in the heavy rain and the quite heavy traffic on our way home, I still had a blast. The best and most important part? The family is complete; we were together and having a great time.

Pa, I'm so glad to have you as my dad.
Wishing you all the best.
May the good Lord always bless you and keep you safe.
We love you, Papa!


  1. You have got such nice blog. I loved your poetry section. Its a beautiful piece of emotions. Keep posting/ sharing your poetry. would love to hear more.
    Barkha Dhar

  2. Hi Barkha! :)

    Thank you for your kindest words. :) I do plan on adding more poetry soon. It's just been so busy lately. I have visited your blog, too, and it is equally compelling as it is lovely. I like the topics you write about. May you bring more good change to the world.

    Julie Ann / Lian


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