Sunday, May 9, 2010


I feel that every person is born incomplete. I believe that there's a hole in every person's life that starts as a pinpoint which in time transforms into a deep, dark cavity of nothingness that can eventually eat a person's whole being.

Many people in today's society do not realize that they possess this certain gap within themselves. Often, these people go through life without really living. Most of them simply 'get by' or 'exist'. In spite of the seemingly normal lives these people have, they do not realize that they are already leading lives of quiet desperation - a silent attempt to end the asking of 'Why?'.

I was one of those people once. Thankfully, I have discovered the presence of this hole in my life many years ago and through God's grace, my spirit has opened up to the Lord - the only One who can fill the gap in me and make me whole. I am made complete in and by His love.

This past week, however, I have made an equally important discovery.

As I continue to live in this world, my human-ness tries many ways to go back to its old, sinful nature: rebellious, disobedient, and unsatisfied. Sometimes, I just can't help but ponder angrily on the fact that I can't stop thinking about the elusive 'Why?s', especially when my answers fall short. Well, recently, I have come to realize that although the hole has been filled, it keeps on expanding still and the only way to stop it from taking over me is allowing more of God to fill every part of me until I totally lose my life to Him before darkness overcomes me first. Never in my life has Mark 8:35 been clearer to me: "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it."

Life is short and it can only be lived once. Make sure you chose The Way, the right way.

P.S. Happy Mother's Day, Mama, and to all the wonderful moms out there. :)

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