Monday, June 1, 2009

Take your time

On this first day of June 2009, I was late 17 minutes for work. 

After punching in at the bundy clock this morning, I saw the first red mark on my time card since I started work last April 15. I was a little sad that I wasn't able to have a completely flawless attendance like I promised myself when I started working. Nevertheless, I just tell myself constantly that some things are out of my hand regardless of much conscious I am of my internal locus of control.

You see, my dad and I left home around 5:30 in the morning, which is actually early enough whenever we would go to Metro Manila for morning appointments. Unfortunately, traffic was really, really horrendous at the Santo Tomas exit of Star Tollway and after leaving the South Luzon Expressway hours later. I had no idea the skyway construction was disrupting the traffic that much... no thanks to the fact that it was a manic Monday and everyone was rushing to work (or school for some). Oh well, what's done is done. I just have to step up for the rest of June and avoid any more tardy time-ins.

Anyway, this weekend has been a re-energizing one. I went home to the province, spent time with family and friends, and got all the sleep that I needed. Although there were slightly heavy rains in the afternoons, I found it refreshing. True enough, summer is slowly leaving the skies for the monsoon season to take centerstage.

An unplanned Tuesday night trip home and visit to a friend's house last week also gave me the chance to embrace my simple joys in life: gaze at stars, watch a firefly, play with a dog, lie on a hammock, be with family, and hang out with friends. That day, May 26, I filed for my first undertime and punched out at 4:39 pm.

Life sure has a way of teaching me that things may not go exactly as I wanted them to because something better is about to happen. :)

Today is the the beginning of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month. I have to buy some fruits tomorrow. Cheers to healthy eating! :)

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