Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 A.D.


It is going to be exactly a year and one day in a couple of hours since my first entry for this blog. Honestly, I did not expect this online journal to last a year - but I sure hoped hard it would. Now that Adsum Domine has crossed the one year mark, I am all smiles and my heart is on cloud nine.

I have started and [eventually] ended several blogs in the past seven years for many reasons like lack of time, not so user-friendly hosting sites, difficult internet access and so on. In spite of the many challenges that the online world poses, I have convinced myself to look at them as little distractions to the real opportunities instead: opportunities to spread the Word, to touch lives, and to open new horizons.

2009 was an uphill climb but it was worth the struggle if only to see what's waiting at the top... and it was definitely a breathtaking view I'll never forget.

This year, it's time to take chances and defy gravity.


Share your thoughts. :)


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