Monday, September 14, 2009

Line of 2

Welcome to the 20s club, sister!

Oh my, how the years went by. Gone are the days of endless arguments on who had the bigger birthday cake or the best birthday party. I can't call you my 'little' sister anymore because you are now half an inch (or more) taller than I am.

Nevertheless, I am glad that I can still share moments with you that can only happen between sisters. I can still call you nicknames that I think will forever stay with me and the family. Thank you for the endless fashion tips, countless petty arguments, unforgettable funny bloopers and the most mundane things we do as sisters. They are all part of who I am.

As we leave our childhood and teenage years behind, I pray that we grow closer as friends even though we spend more time apart than together.

I am blessed to have you as my sister.

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