Monday, September 20, 2010

Time and again

Live like there's no tomorrow...

I'm sure this statement has crossed your mind at one time or another or you might have heard it from someone or somewhere at some point in your life. I have been pondering on this statement for almost a week now and I am quite disturbed myself when I realized what it can mean if you really try to digest deeper into the words.

I have arrived at one conclusion that the earlier mentioned statement has probably been used and abused for the longest time that is why people who 'live like there's no tomorrow' literally never got to see the light of day again. I imagine that there's a pretty thin line between "seizing the day" and "living like there's no tomorrow" but still a line that one ought not to cross nevertheless. For me, carpe diem suggests making the most of your day while live like there's no tomorrow implies no boundaries, no limitations, no nothing whatsoever, which is a really dangerous hidden message.

We are already living in a world that's moving and changing quickly, I don't believe we need to add any more swiftness to the passing of time or to the loss of life. There's a practical and important reason why we only have 24 hours in a day. One day is not designed to capture in summary all of an individual's life events. What sense is there, then, in being given about a hundred-year lifespan if we only wanted to fit it all in one day?

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