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In the early months of 2006, the Psychology Society talent pool held auditions for those equipped with musical prowess. Thus, TiEMPO was born into the realm of music. And by a certain twist of fate, tiyempo - a Filipino term – means ‘timing’. True enough, it was perfect timing that brought very talented individuals together to create amazing melody.

TiEMPO music is deeply rooted from reggae fused with the elements of soul funk rock and jazz. Here’s what makes the band very much stand out: the infectious and groovy tunes of Ray Tadeo on bass, the steady reggae of Dianne Ponciano on keys, the jazzy rhythm of Ryan Gonzales on vocals and guitar, dancehall beats of Jigs Cabatit on drums, accentuated vibes of JB de Lemos on percussions.

In December of 2006, this group of brilliant students from the College of Science and the Conservatory of Music won champion in colliSCIon: the College of Science battle of the bands. During their college years, they have been a mainstay in many school events: acquaintance parties, the Recess concert sponsored by Science and many more. They also have gigs in different local music arenas.

Former members of TiEMPO include King Molina on vocals (2006) and Lou Aguinaldo on drums (2006-2007). The band also has a horn/wind section composed of Rickson Poonin on trombone, EJ, Lester, and Sid on trumpets, and Kiko on alto/soprano saxophone.

TiEMPO is driven to experiment and fuse roots reggae music with funk, jazz, and rock riddims. Listen and FEEL the vibes as TiEMPO captures every drop of the steady beat of reggae.

Watch their debut song "I Found You" on Flippish!

P.S. Yours truly is a big fan of TiEMPO and was one of their documentary persons a.k.a. camerawoman during their college performances. The excellent members of the band also happen to be my good friends. :D Cheers, mates!

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