Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday stretch

Today was my first time to commute alone from Makati City to Lipa City. Thankfully, I was blessed to hop aboard a bus where the last available seat was waiting for me. As if calling me as I made my way down the aisle, the seat was dead center at the back of the bus.

Although I'm used to going home alone since I was in college, going straight home from work was different from my school time jeepney-LRT-bus-tricycle routine with walks in between.

Here are the scenarios of commuting from where I work to where I live in the province:

1. I have to ride a jeepney going to Glorietta / SM Mall.

2. I walk to the MRT Ayala Station where I wait in long lines to buy a ticket and get on the train.

3. I go down the last stop, which is Taft Station.

4. I walk some more going to the indirectly connected station of the Light Rail Transit 1 (LRT 1), which is EDSA Station.

5. I buy a ticket, get on the train, and go down Gil Puyat/Buendia Station.

6. I go down the stairs of the station, walk some more, and find a safe place in the highway where I can cross to the other side where the bus station was. Oh, after going down the stairs, another option is walk some more towards the overpass a couple of blocks away in order to get to the bus station.

7. I catch a bus that passes by Tambo Exit, which is the exit nearest where our neighborhood is. The bus drives through the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Southern Tagalog Access Road (STAR) Tollway in a two to three-hour long travel. Fridays have the most awfully heavy traffic from 4pm onwards, since ‘all the people’ are going home to their provinces for the weekend.

8. I get off at Tambo Exit, cross the street and walk towards the tricycle waiting area.

9. I ride a trike and get off right in front of our house.

There you go... a How-To-Get-From-Point-A-to-Point-B made personally by yours truly.

Unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, sadly, I have no red shoes whose heels I can click three times while saying 'There's no place like home' to shorten the 3-hour commute back to Lipa City. Whenever I was asked, "Granted you can possess one superpower, what would it be and why?" I would always answer, "Teleport: It is the fastest and most hassle-free way to go to different places anytime, anywhere." :)

Anyway, I really like the Manila Light Rail Transit System. It's an efficient [not to mention cheap] way of getting around the Metro (in spite of the fact that one gets a first-hand experience of how it feels like to be one of those sardines packed in cans especially during rush hour).

Inasmuchas driving is a skill, I believe commuting is a skill, too. :D


  1. You know the advantage of riding the bus is you don't have to drive. Then you're free to do all kinds of things you can't/[eh]/shouldn't do while driving like eat, read, or sleep. :)

    I would be very careful before using my teleportation abilities. Great power can go for good or ill... With my luck, I would say something like, "Go to Sun City Center." [And the 'system' would teleport me to the center of the Sun.] I could see all kinds of chaos and trouble!

    It would be nice for finding the Fountain of Youth, El Dorado, Atlantis, the Elusive Pot of Gold, and other places I'd like to go.

  2. Naku ako mas gusto ko magbus papuntang LRT Buendia kahit traffic. Ang hassle kasi pag pauwi ng Friday kasi laging malaki ang bag ko. Hehe.

  3. Hey Dave! :)

    Before anything else, thanks for the link you included in your name. I really liked the 'Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio' photo. I would love to see one with my own two eyes! Such pretty colors.

    Anyway, what you said is true regarding driving your own vehicle versus riding the bus. However, I really can't sleep per se in the bus since it's a public transport and you never know what other people are really upto. Especially in a big metropolis like Manila, you can never be too careful.

    Ahhh.. Atlantis, I would love to know if the lost city really is there or not. :)

  4. Neng,

    Bakit malaki yung bag mo? Inuuwi mo ba ang mga maduming damit mo? Mahirap nga yun. Lagi kasing siksikan sa mga transit.

    Hindi ko ata alam na may bus papuntang LRT Buendia. Saan ka sumasakay?

  5. Hey Lian! Sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa to. Haha. Sa Ayala Ave may mga bus na papuntang LRT Buendia. =)


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