Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lead me, Lord

It's been almost a year since I graduated from college and I have to say that it's been an interesting, although sometimes frustrating, experience no longer having a definite path laid out before me. For the longest time, it seemed that whenever I'd find myself at a crossroads, the next step for me is readily indicated in a huge billboard that I can't miss. After I finished elementary, it was time to move on to high school. Four years later, I was on my way to college. Now that I'm an certified alumna, what's next? Work and further studies. But in what field? Where? When? Gone are the directive billboards. They've been replaced by the signpost with so many arrows pointing to so many directions.

I talked to one of my close friends from the university last evening and our conversation was a mixture of sorts: a trip down memory lane (more than anything else), an evaluation of the present, and a glimpse of the future. When we said goodbye, though feeling happy that we talked, I felt an uncertainty in myself. Oftentimes, I get that feeling - the feeling of having stood still while the rest of the world has gone forward.

I was browsing my files and folders when I stumbled upon one of the videos I made for Social Teachings of the Church class in my senior year in college. My groupmates and I had to present a report; before we began, I played this video I made for our opening prayer. The song featured in it is "Lead Me, Lord" sung by one of my favorite Filipino artists, Gary Valenciano. (The pictures included aren't mine. Some of them are from friends while the others are from the internet.)

My spirit rejoices in finding this video and listening to the song after a long time. I would like to say I am not lost afterall but that, perhaps, I have merely lost my way. So I pray to God, "Lead me, Lord".

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