Saturday, September 3, 2011

No worries at Subic Bay

I am wearing sturdier pair of footwear this time around with a simpler thought in my head: hakuna matata.

"As we dwell on and worry about matters beyond our control, a negative effect begins to set in. Too much analysis always leads to paralysis. Worry is a route that leads from somewhere to nowhere. Never let it direct your life."
- taken from An Enemy Called Average by John Mason -

Today, I share with you photos from Subic Bay Yacht Club taken during our faculty team-building activity for the weekend. It was a welcomed (and much needed) break away from the day-to-day schedule in the office. It has been at least 3 years since I last went to Subic. It was the perfect place to shed worries and to leave those excess baggage I have been lugging around with me for quite some time.

Oh, to live for the weekend!

Before there were yachts, there were ships.
The grand staircase that leads to the dock and the deck.
Reception area
Upon entering the yacht club's main building, I took in the musky smell of elegance that seemed to have seen better days. The classic interior had high ceilings and was very spacious. The place itself gave its visitors elitist feelings and an atmosphere of exclusivity. However, I understand that the maintenance of a such a venue is costly and so the yacht club had to open its doors to the public 'to keep wind blowing on its sails', so to speak.

For the guests, upon arrival.
Lounge at the third floor lobby.
Bolder colors at the lounge on the second floor lobby.
Personally, I think that opening Subic Bay Yacht Club to non-members is a wonderful opportunity, not only to preserve the place, but to make a wider audience appreciate its glory even if it was from days of old. In a sense, being at the yacht club gave me a glimpse of luxury that a chosen few experience on a daily basis.

Bedroom suite with queen-sized beds.
Complete with a study table and TV set.
More than the bedroom, the full bathroom with a jacuzzi makes  me smile.
I love a spacious and clean bathroom.
Conference room
Delectable chocolate cake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Perfect.
One of the 6 Cs that fit right in the whole Subic experience.
Perspective: a long stretch.
Docking area with a mysteriously majestic backdrop of highlands.
Just the place for coffee table talks.
The pool that was made to look like a sea of small islands.
After an overnight stay at the Subic Bay Yacht Club, the group headed for Treetop Adventures. For some of those worries that I wasn't able to let go of the normal way, it's about time to resort to extreme measures.

Getting ready for the big drop.
Subic zipline. Superman duo.
Walking to the cable car ride.
Brace yourselves. This is it.
Watch out! Weight limit.
View from the [tree]top. 
Next stop: a different country. It is easier to make more positive stories when all worries have been left behind.

I am about to go to newer heights!

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