Friday, April 30, 2010

Sudden downpour

As soon as I got off the bus at Global City, it rained cats and dogs.

Though armed with my umbrella, I was drenched to the bone thigh down because the strong wind blew water in all directions. In spite of the seemingly cold impression a rain brings, the air was actually warm because all the heat from the ground began creeping up. The atmosphere was a weird mix of hot air, cold water and an unpleasant smell of drenched soil.

I couldn't hail a cab because the ones passing by all carried passengers already so I had to settle for a jeepney, otherwise I'd end up taking a shower on the streets.

When the jeepney came to a halt at the entrance to our condo village, the rain has stopped. I tried not to think of the walk from the gate to our unit's building which now seems lengthier and more dreadful than ever because it was a Friday and I just came from work. By then, I was already tired and sleepy. What I hated the most about the last stretch of my journey home was I had to walk with wet feet and squishy shoes. It was a very, very, very unpleasant feeling.

When I reached the condo unit, I actually cried after closing the door behind me while I was removing my shoes and putting down my bags. The fact that I have school tomorrow and that I'll be staying up late all night to finish requirements isn't exactly my recipe for a good start for the weekend. What a way to end the month.

So help me, God.

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